#BloggersSecretSanta | Lu from A Girl Who Reads!

*disclaimer : prewritten post*

yo guys! it’s hanna! some of you may have seen teenella’s genius idea, “bloggers’ secret santa”, where basically you write an appreciation post. it’s such a great idea and i’m so excited to be able to participate.

as you can tell from the title, my blogger is lu from girl who reads. please check out her amazing blog!

hello lu!

how are you?? i hope you’re doing amazing!

i had to do a bit of blog-stalking. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. (so those 100 views from america? yeah, that was me. sorry-not-sorry.)

first of all, as a design-obsessed girl, i have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN. no seriously. i love it. the coral? the title fonts? the clean, mean, amaze-balls theme?

YEP. I LOVE IT ALLLLLLL. *sings at top of lungs*

and the picture header-things (i amaze myself with my professional terms)? THEY ARE ALSO AMAZING. i have zero idea how you did them, and honestly even if i knew, I WOULDN’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT THAT AMAZING. i really like the little scalloped-corners- they make the pictures look sort of vintage and pretty, and not to mention really professional.

i had to resist the urge to not comment and follow your blog, but i felt like i would be too out of the blue (so i will simply comment and follow your blog after this post) because i think we’ll be great friends :). for one thing, we’re both sarcastic (oh me? hanna? sarcastic? nooooo… never….) and we both try to be funny except the difference is you’re actually funny and i’m still trying to be funny.

sample quote:

“And when you sit down to read, you just can’t stay focussed and you just go to think about why monkeys are known for eating bananas not passion fruits, or something stupid like that?”

(but seriously tho…why ARE monkeys known for eating bananas??)

i also love how honest you are in your book reviews. i read your “a monster calls” book review, and it was very informing. you aren’t afraid to voice your opinions, and i gotta say, i really admire people who don’t just go with the flow :).

and not to mention, you’re actually really consistent with your posting! like you seem to post every week and i’m just like, “how though??” to me, it shows that blogging really is something you feel passionate about so you take time out of your week to dedicate yourself to blogging and i just think that’s so amazing and really shows your passion.

all in all, i really admire your honesty, hard work, and lovely blog. keep it up + cheers to a new year!



fucked up™. please read.

don’t even wanna write an intro.

everything about this blog has been fake.

my name. my happiness.


i said it.

too much has been going on. i’m done, just so so so fucking done. i wanna just cry all day. and i hate myself for deleting one of the only good things i’ve every accomplished. it’s not even a necessary evil. i’m just a self-centered girl (just like my dad always said). i’m sorry. i know sorry isn’t enough, but i really am.

after i publish my “blogger’s secret santa” post, i’m done.

maybe i’ll start another one in the future, who knows.

but i’m just done with pretending to be happy and lifting others up and smiling and joking and reading about happy people and wondering why i can’t be like them. I’M DONE.

i’m sorry, sorry, so so so so so sorry. (never enough sorrys to be said.)

i mean, it’s not like anyone really reads / cares about my blog anyway. so i’m not hurting anyone, i don’t think. (or maybe i am. and i’m being self-centered again.)

so, there you go.

i’m done. good bye, everyone. thank you for all the smiles and support. i’m sorry for being so self-centered and only thinking about myself.

thank you again, and bye.


see you again.

Massive Post: Updates + 50 Facts Tag

Okay, since I haven’t posted updates/diary posts since *checks calendar* SEPTEMBER HOLY CRAP I think I owe you guys a nice, big fat update. AND! A nice, big fat tag (from Trisha- I got a lot to say to her. Trish, if you’re reading this, hang on!).

I’ve decided that trying to do all my tags in order and as fast as I can is WAY too stressful and my life’s already stressful enough. So thank you so much to everyone who tags me in these awesome tags, but I’m saving tags and awards for rainy days when I don’t have ideas or if I’m feeling lazy. I’m doing a big tag (the ’50 facts about me’ tag) today because I finished all my homework (vair proud of myself because of that) so I have a lot of time to write!

First of all… I know I keep repeating this over and over and it’s annoying af, but I’m moving in the middle of the year to a new house, new school, new town- basically new everything. And all of this combined with a whirlwind of shifting friendships and a whole ton of bitchery (bitch + witchery) and you got yourself a very anxious Hanna.

Some days I just feel really sad for no reason and in the middle of the day, I get this complete energy slump and I just want to go cry. I STILL haven’t told all of my teachers about the moving thing and I’m really upset with myself because of that. But how am I supposed to tell them? You tell me.

My classmates all know, and people I thought didn’t even like me were kind of sad :(. I guess I kind of know, cuz this guy that I’m kinda friends with is moving to London. I don’t know when, but I do know THAT I’M EXTREMELY JEALOUS. IT’S LONDON. YOU GET A CUTE ACCENT, AND LONDON IS BEAUTIFUL AND HISTORIC AND AMAZING, AND A BUNCH OF BLOGGERS LIVE THERE OMG!!!!!

On the bright side, I don’t have to do the dreaded”dance” unit in gym! My gym teacher is pregnant, so she’s taking a break off during the winter to have her baby. Usually, said dance unit is in January, but she moved it forward to now so she could see and grade all our dances, as she wouldn’t be here this winter. I told my gym teacher about the whole “I’m moving and if I’m in a group, I’ll be useless cuz I won’t be here to present” thing, and she was so nice about it! She said I could just go around and help the other groups. Yay for that!

Also, the town I’m going to live in is actually gorgeous. Think of the cutest, most somewhat stereotypical New England town ever. Got it? That’s about what the town I’m going to is like. IT’S AMAZEBALLS.

What else… *breaks out bullet list just because*

  • Elle has been hanging out with a loud annoying group of popular girls. She used to be tight with them a few years back, and she’s kind of regressing back into the annoying-popular-girl-habits. Sad.
  • We got two new kids from Asia. This happens every year in bigger schools, but we’re a tiny-ass school so this was the first time something like this ever happened. One of them is from China (a lot of Chinese students do exchange in America) and the other is from Japan. The Japanese one is super cool; he’s really agile and slays at sports and just generally awesome even though he and the Chinese dude doesn’t speak English very well. (stereotype alert: they’re good at math.) (like, really good.)
  • Also: I can understand Chinese and speak it terribly. One day, Lance was using Google Translate to translate different sentences (they came out so weird omg) and he asked me what they meant and I then EMBARRASSED MYSELF IN FRONT OF A NATIVE CHINESE SPEAKER. great job, hanna…
  • I had cross-country. Finished in a terrible place and girls that were part of the annoying of popular girls turned out to be pretty nice after all.
  • Anjali says she had (has) a crush on Hadriel and Zach. ohkayyyyyy….
  • Zach was trying to flirt with me and my awkwardness just full out blew up. (Every time a cute guy tries to talk to me, my brain just fails me.)
  • I got over a thousand likes on one of my Polyvore sets. You should totally go follow me now. snjhg1d
  • Halloween didn’t turn out as fun as I thought it would be. I saw some kid who used to go to my school for a year but transferred because people were making fun of him. He apparently had a crush on me?! He said hi to the girl I was with, but not to me. Either he didn’t know me or forgot me…
  • Two of the girls in my grade are P!ATD fans and we sang along to a lot of their songs in advisory. YAY

AND! I GOT 100 FOLLOWERS AND I AM BEYOND EXCITED. Thank you all so very much! Apparently, 102 of you are interested in my rambles?! what… why… ANYWAY.

And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for… a TAG! A very simple one… just say 50 facts about yourself! I was tagged by Trisha a really long time ago but I decided to pull it out today. As I said before, tags are for “rainy days” and it’s actually raining today! lol I’m so clever

Okay Trish, this is for you! I know I haven’t responded to your comment yet, but to be fair I can’t really think of anything to top that. But I think the real amazing devil unicorn here is Y O U. This is something I always feel really guilty about; when I have good friends I feel like I can’t replicate all the stuff (physical and emotional and mental) they give me. And you give me a lot of stuff. (ugh I feel like this whole paragraph is going downhill)

You’ve given me friendship and support and laughs and inside jokes… er, one inside joke. You’re always so sweet (and sassy) and hilarious, and I think ever since the start, we’ve been each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Every time I hit publish or send an email, I can depend on you to always be there with a smile and hugs if I need it and something positive to say. And I admire how you can branch out so easily (unlike me, the smol antisocial moth)- look at you, starting out with only a few followers, and now you’ve grown an incredible community of supportive amazing bloggers that I’m glad to call friends. And I’m always super excited whenever your posts pop up in my reader because I know it’ll be something well-written and thought out and something that’ll bring a smile to my face.

Anyway, I feel like this isn’t enough but it gets across the point: I lovelovelove you, my bestest devil-unicorn girlfriend ever.


Trisha thought she would get the best of me by stumping the hell out me with this tag… but little did she know… I have a document that I created a while ago for my old blog… and it was titled “40 FACTS ABOUT ME”. HAHAHAHAHA, I’M LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE, TRISHA. And right after I wrote a paragraph about how amazing you are. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not going to use all of them, but they springboard me off for some other facts (which I am having no trouble thinking of cuz I’m an endlessly interesting person).

  1. I am obsessed with fonts.
  2. I’ve never seen the whole Lion King.
  3. If you have a British accent, I automatically love you.
  4. I sing in the shower. A lot.
  5. My strangest fears are the fear of ladybugs and the fear of small boats. Don’t ask.
  6. I’m a Taurus, though I don’t really believe in astrological stuff.
  7. I understand Chinese but can’t speak it.
  8. I love Back to the Future. And Star Wars. And The Truman Show. 
  10. I am maybe the only YouTube fangirl who doesn’t like Dan and Phil. *dramatic gasps from audience*
  11. I don’t have any technology apart from the laptop and iPad I share with my brother. (no phone, no iPod…) It’s actually not that difficult living without a phone; in fact, I prefer it over having a phone.
  12. My favorite Disney princesses are Mulan and Pocahantas. (basically the only badass ones… unless you count Moana or Elsa?)
  14. I get motion sick pretty easily.
  15. My hands are either always freezing cold or really sweaty. So basically if I ever have a boyfriend, I’m just gonna refuse to hold his hand.
  16. I love York’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
  17. I live in a cardboard box outside of your local Paper Source (i love stationary too much)
  18. I don’t consider myself basic. I’m literally the opposite of basic. (I’M AN ENDLESSLY AMAZING FABULOUS QUEEN, BITCH hahaha)
  19. I get easily scared by horror movie stuff. (I’ve never even seen one! The trailers are already too much for me)
  20. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  21. I CAN. NOT. Revise my own writing. IT’S PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME.
  22. I have the biggest literary crush on Leo from the Heroes of Olympus. all da ladies really DO love leo…
  23. I get distracted way too easily + procrastinate like crazy. not a good combination…
  24. I’ve never broken a bone/sprained anything.
  25. But I HAVE burned myself a few times and gotten really bad scrapes. see the time i fell off my playset as an eight-year-old and landed on my collarbone… 
  26. I wear glasses. (okay yes and braces… i’m a nerd)
  27. My hair is really weird. It looks dark in normal light, but in really strong light or sunlight it looks auburn. And I love it.
  28. I’m really sensitive (but I don’t cry), but lately I’ve been toughening up.
  29. Y’all can talk about how Marley and Me messed you up, but Hachi will literally destroy your emotions by shredding them and then slowly digesting them in Tartarus… similarly, if you support the alt-right movement or are sexist, i will destroy you by shredding you and then throwing your remains into Tartarus, where you will be slowly digested.
  30. Sometimes I seem like an extrovert, sometimes an introvert…
  31. Just passed 30 and not even breaking a sweat.
  32. I have a really weird taste in music. It doesn’t conform to one genre…
  33. I. HATE. COUNTRY. MUSIC. It may have been good in the past (I kinda like “Jolene” by Dolly Parton) but now it’s literally guitar-heavy pop and guys with overpronounced Southern accents and cowboy hats singing about trucks, beers, and Friday nights.
  34. I don’t really read as much as I used to… *sigh*
  35. I kind of refuse to read any YA books because I feel they’re really cheesy.
  36. East Coast soul. Has never traveled farther west than Illinois. my family and i stayed in a san francisco airport for a few hours… lol
  37. I think I’m pretty even if others don’t. #selflove
  38. I’ve stayed up till 3 am a few nights… ugh
  39. My current TV show obsession is The Flash. BARRY IS THE MOST ADORKABLE SWEETEST THING EVER!!!!!!
  40. It was 11:11 a minute ago and it was so satisfying.
  41. ONLY 9 MORE FACTS LET’S GO. this is actually sort of funsies
  42. I’ve lived in 4 states (in order, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Massachusetts!).
  43. I’m Taiwanese!
  44. Yes I’m Asian, no, I don’t watch anime.
  45. I’ve never been to an actual concert, only classical music concerts at Symphony Hall :|.
  47. I’m not really into celebrities but I think Dylan O’Brien is pretty adorable.
  48. My favorite season is spring, but I love all the seasons.
  49. I LOVE TOO MANY YOUTUBERS. nigahiga, IISuperwomanII, Jenna Marbles, Anna Akana, Dodie Clark, Miss Remi Ashten… JUST A CRAP TON, OKAY
  50. Hanna may not be my real name… *drops mic*

Because I am a kind, benevolent queen who does not wish this upon anyone, anyone who wants to do this (but why?) can do it!

xo Hanna







101 people think I’m interesting and funny and just the right amount of weird (tbh too much weird but WHATEVER)! IN OTHER WORDS, 101 PEOPLE THINK I’M WORTH FOLLOWING!!!!!!


(that is the only way i can express my feelings right now)

Thank you all soooooooooooooooo much!! HUGS!

xxxxx Hanna


I’m Back // The Election.

‘Ello, my beautiful unicorns! Yes, it’s me, Hanna, I’m back! I’m excited af and yeah! can’t wait to get back :).





As I’m sure you guys already know, DONALD TRUMP WON.


If you guys are feeling confused/scared/angry/depressed…. just imagine waking up in America this morning.

It felt like a nightmare. I went to bed with Trump in the lead, but I thought “Hillary’s going to win, why bother?”

I woke up… and my mom said the vote was tied… but Donald Trump was elected. It was insane. I just started shaking and almost crying and screaming because that… that… racist, sexist, xenophobic carrot was now the head of our country. I never thought it would happen and boom. HE’S PRESIDENT.

It’s so terrible to say that. In the morning, I thought that since not all the votes were counted it was possible for Hillary to maybe-maybe- get the popular vote, thus get enough electoral votes (the US election system is complicated af). So I went to school, and ran into the library where these two lovely, dependable girls were sitting. One of them was wearing black to “mourn for our country”. Normally I would have laughed. But no. It’s TRUMP. I was wearing dark colors too, though not on purpose.

First period was science. We have double periods on some days and no science on others. Today was a double period. The first half of it was just spent in… shock really. My science teacher had apparently been full-out crying, and he was getting kind of teary during our discussion. We didn’t really have class for the first half, just sat in a “Circle of Angst” and talked about the election. Processed our feelings. And there were a hell lot of them. Everyone was shocked. Frustrated. Disbelieving. We talked about what might happen with the election and what we thought of the results.

After everyone had seemed to have spoken enough, our science teacher suggested we move on. And we did. Everyone seemed so much happier after we got up, moved around, breathed with our eyes closed (to let out our emotions or something), and did something with our lives. Even if that thing was learning about dew points.

Social studies made it a little worse. We were also supposed to talk about it, but our teacher was talking about percentages and numbers and maps. It broke my heart to see how many states were colored red.

Lunch and recess came. Anjali and I ended up arguing with two guys. One, named *rubs hands together* Jar Jar (after the infamous Jar Jar Binks of the prequels) who ran for student council and failed epically (long story) and the other was Lance the Liver, who you may remember from this good ol’ story. They had been Trump supporters, and of course, were now thrilled that Trump was president. We argued so much and at one point, Jar Jar ended up getting racist. (at me) So that was shitty.

Since our advisory teacher wasn’t here, we didn’t talk about the election. Zach got extra points for arguing with Jar Jar and Lance.

French… we had another circle of angst.

English and Math, our teachers seemed determined to make us learn. Damnit.

I went home, ate candy from Halloween, and hopped onto the interweb (how you know it’s me. Only I could say a phrase that awkward.). Everyone was crying. Celebrities, normal people, everybody. My parents and brother eventually got home. My mom talked about Hillary’s speech. And I completely lost it. I started crying like crazy and pounding the table. Insanity.

So that was that. Sorry I had written this all on November 9 BUT FORGOT TO HIT PUBLISH. *smacks forehead* Great move, Hanna, great move.

The next few days weren’t much better, by the way. but I’m still trying to remain hopeful and y’all should too.

Sorry I haven’t really been responding to anything; I’m such a shitty blogger, aren’t I. A lot is happening all at once. For instance, I’m switching schools, moving, packing, etc… NEXT WEEK. I’ve been a bad friend to this poor girl. I’ve been making everyone hate me.

And yeah. Feel free to rant or whatever in the comments; please respect each other’s opinions, but I’m always open to a free discussion. Email me at amazingness27@gmail.com or message me at my sad little socials.

I love love love you all.


probably even more 🙂

xo Hanna


A quick break…?

Um. Well. Maybe that post title wasn’t the greatest. Now y’all are freaking out…


But yeah, I’ve been thinking about taking a break for a while. I know it sounds incredibly stupid AND IT IS DON’T GET ME WRONG but I feel like blogging is getting kind of stressful. I currently have a ton of comments I need to reply, and tags to do, and posts I need to comment on. And at this very moment, I’m supposed to be finishing up my last diary post and commenting and stuff, but meh. I think WordPress is getting a little too distracting, as well, and I need to focus on my school work.

Or maybe I just have a terrible work ethic. Forest has been helping though, and I love the little trees very much.

Also, if you guys didn’t already know, I am moving in the middle of the GODDAMN FREAKING SCHOOL YEAR to another school, so I am incredibly stressed about that!!!!

I will still check my email so if you want to chat with me, go ahead and do so! I’ll try to answer within a week. If not, I grant you permission to send me an angry email demanding a reply back, and I will DEFINITELY reply to that! My email is amazingness27@gmail.com

Well. I feel a little sad, but I’ll be back. Knowing me, I’ll be back on here after 2 weeks, ranting about Donald Trump or something. And just so you know, I won’t be shy about emailing all of y’all (all of y’all. heh.)!

Please understand. I’m sorry. I love all of you guys very much.

xo Hanna

Diary- 9-12-16

Week In Review: Homework + Stress, “Jokes” v. Bullying, Crying at my NEC Audition, The Day The Pretzels Flew, School Starting, and True Friends.

Well. I had a… shitty Wednesday last week, to say the least. (no intro #rebel)

I mean, the school part of it was all fine, as “fine” as school could be. No math homework, at least. Surprising, since we’re on the third day of school and Ms. Raskin is usually all “THAT’S IT! DOUBLE HOMEWORK!” Thank God not today, though!

It all went downhill after school.

I usually ride the bus after school, so I trudged out in the gray drizzle out to the bus stop. And just my luck, Caitlyn and two of her and Madison’s closest friends- ooooo, name-choosing, my favorite- Ana and Daisy. Ana and Daisy sometimes ride the bus, and rarely, Caitlyn too. Caitlyn and Ana live in my neighborhood.

Bit of background on Ana and Daisy (i don’t think they’ll be in many situations, so they aren’t on the Who’s Who page): I actually used to like Ana, before she started hanging out with Madison and Caitlyn. Now she’s mean and just like them, which is too bad. She used to be pretty funny and nice. Daisy has been Madison’s best friend for a long time. Can we- please, can we just pause and applaud her, knowing that Madison is a rude, manipulative bitch? Madison’s actually made her cry a few times, but other than that, they’re inseperable. Daisy’s actually not mean at all, considering her friend group. She’s sweet and short and cute. Like, well, like a daisy. *winks awkwardly*

And then… the VILLAIN!!! *smiles evilly* I get to call people whatever I want… let’s call this guy… *rubs hands together like a mad genius*… TRUMPILCIOUS!!!!! Named after possibly the most disturbing fanfic on Wattpad. I know you want to search it up now, but PLEASE. Don’t. I spent a solid 5 minutes afterwards wondering what the literal fuck I was doing with my life. Similarly, after talking to Trumpilicious after a few minutes, you’ll wonder what the literal fuck you are doing with your life.

He’s so annoying. He also, unfortunately, lives in my neighborhood. My mom and I both consider him distasteful, my mom because she once saw him shoving a plate of chips into his bag before stepping into our car, and me because, well, ew. Before this incident, I disliked him. Now, I STRONGLY dislike him. Hate him, even.

So I was talking to my brother, Nate, while out of the corner of my eye, I saw Trumpilicious moving toward us after mingling with Caitlyn, Ana, and Daisy. Probably asking them to join his cult “religion”. Lately he’s been trying to convince poor, innocent souls right from the hallway if they want to join said “religion”. The religion, in question, is called “Giant Stack Of Chairs”. Disturbingly, he has 20 followers (bribes? blackmail?)

You see why I dislike him?

And right off, he starts talking bullshit about how I supposedly have a “crush” on him- I do not, just so y’all know- and I immediately got defensive. Just something about me: I don’t know when to shut up when my privacy, dignity, or someone I care about’s opinion is at stake. I will doggedly pursue the offender until I have emerged triumphant. I won’t stop, I swear it.

He uses some bullshit evidence and I just kept getting more and more pissed off. Wrong decision apparently, because he’s like, “oh, see guys? she’s getting defensive! that means she likes me!”

this is the kind of bullshit reasoning that that douchebag managed to rack out of his imbecile little brain. I’m impressed by the fact that he even manages the task of reasoning, judging from the size of his almost nonexistent brain. (I think I’ve been having too many sass fights…?)

He started telling a lot of people like Ar-derp the Aardvark and Lance the Liver (lovely and mature nicknames!) who I both hate. Lance is a really big gossip and Arthur will tell his friends, who also have big mouths. I was so mad, so so so mad, that Trumpilicious was spreading this kind of completely false, straight-up lies with absolutely no basis.

They were like “ha hold up, boy” and then saw me and: “yep. she does.”

But Trumpilicious wasn’t done with the humiliation! Oh no, of course he wasn’t. He went up to Caitlyn, Ana, and Daisy. I freaked out. I didn’t want them to hear these lies. Plus, I still wanted them to- well, not like me, but at least not hate me? So I ran down just in time to hear the tail end of, “isn’t is so obvious Hanna likes me?” I gave them a pleading look. I knew they would back me up.

“Yeah, she does,” said Caitlyn and Ana agreed. Daisy didn’t say anything, just looked away a little sadly.

So, evidently not. I was like, “Guys, seriously?! It’s TRUMPILICIOUS!!!” And they were like, “Yeah, you like him, or you wouldn’t be acting like that.”

I was like, Well, fuckity-fuck fuck, thanks Trumpilicious for absolutely nothing, you bastard.

So the bus got there, but of course, Arthur, Caitlyn, Ana, Daisy and Trumpilicious ALL RODE THE GODDDAMN BUS. So the bus ride was pretty shitty too. I was so miserable because I knew everyone would spread this rumor and Trumpilicious is a douchebag that only other douchebags could ever like. And I am not a douchebag. BITCH I’M A DEVIL-UNICORN AND THERE AIN’T NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME.

They were all teasing me so much and it hurt that Caitlyn and Ana were also teasing me cuz I didn’t think they would. I moved away from Trumpilicious about halfway through because he sat across from me to annoy me, and he only stopped being annoying when he saw I was crying. Yes I cried at this shit, what can I say? INFJs are sensitive.

At one point, I vividly remember telling them, WHILE CRYING BY THE WAY, “Wow, this tells me about the sort of people you are.” And Ana’s reply: “Ha, you think we care?”


But that was a little painful, knowing that they don’t care about their rudeness, if they’re making people miserable. Also since Ana used to actually be a good person.

My stop was the VERY LAST STOP so I had to listen to Caitlyn and Ana and Trumpilicious giving me grief. It was terrible. I had to get comfort from a younger girl (one grade younger, but still)! Of course, neither of my parents were very sympathetic; the most they did was tell me the other kids were stupid, which of course I already knew, but STILL. A HUG would have been nice. They told me everyone would forget it, but I thought that people were gonna believe the rumor and no one would want to hang out with me.

Not true; it is unfortunate that Caitlyn and Arthur, along with Hadriel, sit at my science table. People did forget it (unfortunately! I thought out a bunch of really good comebacks. and I didn’t get to use them 😦 ), but Caitlyn and Arthur still talk about it, but I always react more calmly because I realized my reactions just added fuel to the fire. They tried convincing Hadriel a few days ago that I liked Trumpilicious but I was like, “We’ll just that Hadriel decide for himself.” I shot him a look but his face was passive. WHY ARE BOYS SO DULL AND ABSENT-MINDED I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HE THOUGHT

I probably should have let you know a while ago, but school started on Thursday the 4th, so a really long time ago. Not much happened. School. Stress. Late night homework. School. More random shit.

I found out my real friends. It seems that over the course of the 3 or so years that I’ve been here, I discover better friends each year. Take lunch, for example. Normally I would have set with Riley and my other friends, but they were all hanging out with Caitlyn and Madison’s group. So I sat with Elle and Anjali instead, and the whole experience was so much better. So go me! True besties!

This is all out of order with the title, but I’m just gonna go with it. No doubt you’re wondering, “pretzels do not fly. Perhaps I should start thinking about recommending some therapy for her…?” I shall tell you the story! So my school doesn’t have normal swings, but instead 2 tire swings and a big pushy thing that you can put toddlers in. I don’t know why. It really doesn’t make sense. But at any rate, I was sitting on one with Anjali and Elle, eating pretzels. I saw Madison standing near the gaga ball pit and I had the irrational urge to throw one at her, even though I was too far away. So I threw it. Anjali and Elle scolded me. It landed at the feet of a teacher, who…

LOOKED UP AT THE SKY. GOD HELP US, pretzels do not fly from the sky!! I was laughing about that all day :).

Ugh it’s late and I’m already at 1500 words. I’ll finish it up tomorrow but for now, bonsoir, mes licornes, and see you tomorrow!

xo Hanna



Unique Blogger Award

Yeeeppp. Another tag.

I have been nominated by the fabulous Abi (or Fabi, if occasion requires XD. idk, i’m weird) of the punk butterfly!! My thanks to her, and may we take a moment to appreciate that she, like me, is an American blogger. Very elusive, those American bloggers. If you happen to be an American blogger, comment belooooww! We must band together against the evil force of Donald Trump. Because seriously, have you seen the man’s hair?!


  • thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog (check)
  • answer their 3 questions
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What do you think your patronus would be, and elaborate on why?

Welllll, first of all, I had zero idea what patronus means, so I inquired ze Google. Apparently, it’s something with Harry Potter. In my last post, I said that I’ve never even opened a Harry Potter book, so I don’t know anything about it. Sorry, no can do, Abi.

But wait…

Is this…


LE BUZZFEED QUIZZES, to be specific :).

I’m so cheap. I probably shouldn’t do it; Abi will hate me. *takes quiz anyway #rebel*

Waitttt…. it still has stuff from Harry Potter. Ah, I’ll just guess and use my gut.

OH! Turns out I’m a Jack Russell terrier…

You’re more of a follower than a leader, but you’re a great comfort and necessity to your friends. Your ideal night consists of candy and binge-watching Netflix movies (me af), but you also enjoy a night out watching sports. Your Patronus takes the form of a Jack Russell Terrier, the same as Ron Weasley (should I be happy…?). You are our King.

What is the weirdest way someone has ever described you (to other people or just to you) and do you think it fit or was completely off?

Hmmmmm… I guess once when I was 11, someone said that I could pass for 14 or 15. That was really weird, but I think it fit me because I do look a lot older than my age :). People still think I’m older than I really am, and I find it kind of flattering.

What type of shoes would you associate yourself with, and elaborate on why? 

Shoes…??? Well, I associate myself with Keds, I suppose. They’re kind of understated and classic-looking, plus they come in all different kinds of colors and styles.

I’m really not sure, though.



i’ve been obsessed with doge ever since abi posted about it 🙂



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  • Kate
  • Fibit
  • Leo
  • Phia
  • Azura Skies
  • Silviya
  • Roxy
  • Drina


  1. What is your best character trait and your worst character trait?
  2. (this is a really classic question from Aristotle) You are given 20 very well-made flutes from a flute-maker. You can distribute them and give them away anyway you like, but you cannot sell them. How and who would you give them away?
  3. What is your favorite animated movie?

xo Hanna


I really hate school.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say that. I don’t hate it, exactly. And I’m very grateful that I even can go to school.

But… well…


It starts tomorrow… and I’m actually semi-dreading it.

Because I won’t be there for the whole school year. I’ll only be there for two months, until November. From there, I’ll be switching schools.






But I gotta man (woman?) up.

So behind on posts: reading and writing. And emails, too. I was in Cape Cod for the last three days so I’m really behind.

Also, I probably won’t be posting as much, which makes me want me want to cry, because school will continue to be a prick for me. So consider yourself warned.

Abi, if you’re reading this, just know that I WILL do the tag. I’ll try. Please love me.

I’m sowwy.

All of you: pwease wuv me.

xo, Hanna